Emma Moseley knows the song is pushed by authentic invitations into the heart. She knows the show's urgency grows as her secrets are revealed. Rock-n-roll is voyeured soul. It cannot be faked. 
Coming up respectable, Emma has played her songs at a young age in north Florida bars and lodge halls long before it was legal for her to be there. While the pulses between man and woman may have felt strange coming from a young girl on a player's stool, they certainly felt right at home in the bad light and smoke.

In 2010, Emma met Sean Sammon, multi-platinum winning artist and former writer/original bassist for Puddle of Mudd. With Sean's background in the business and the new sound full of soul and electricity the team started writing and recording with Bobby Turner a "natural" and "knows what needs to be played" kind of guitar player. 

Adding Freddie Heater Jr. in the mix as the missing ingredient on drums, they soon began working on their debut album, "Face South". Sean Sammon sat second chair on the producing duties on the album. With Scott Tatter doing the mastering duties .

The Emma Moseley Band has great people in their camp. Bill Parker, Scott Tatter, Jim DeVito just to mention a few. Recording and production was done at Toes in the Sand Productions. To promote the album, Emma Moseley Band have been busy playing many festivals including SXSW, along with a college radio campaign with Tinderbox Music.

Emma Moseley Band

It's my life's work to express those emotions and feelings that can only be conveyed through music. It's how my spirit takes wing and soars to unfathomable, seemingly unreachable heights. I hope that my music does the same for your spirit, too.

​​​​​​Emma Moseley Band

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